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 A legendary windjammer "Kruzenshtern" in 2016 has celebrate its 90th anniversary.

"Kruzenshtern" does not have luxury and comfort which can be provided by modern cruise liners. But this fact does not stop devoted friends of "Kruzenshtern" from many countries all over the world who has been spending their holidays on its board for many years. You are offered not only sailing to observe sea beauties. You can become a voluntary "full staff" crew member and you will be able to fulfill all the sailor’s duties. Some of our trainees prefer mast climbing, others like standing at the wheal, third ones dream about cleaning the deck.

You would get true sailing experience form any unforgettable adventurous voyage provided you could match the time of your holydays with the cruise plan of "Kruzenshtern". 

Welcome on the board of "Kruzenshtern"and enjoy the adventures, romantic spirit of the sails, discovering new countries and their nations, working in the true man’s team! Do not refuse from feeling the pleasure of freedom that gives you sailing on the most beautiful windjammer in the world!


Barque Kruzenshtern

Welcome On Board!

Barque Kruzenshtern", 2011